About Us

What We Do

  • Charter Flights
  • Aircraft Leasing Services
  • Travel arrangements and events

Airborne of Sweden offers reliable, safe and competitively priced charter flights to most places in Europe and Africa as well as aircraft leasing services, including ‘Hybrid Lease’, which is completely flexible and customer-tailored.

Our company also offers travel management solutions and provides consultancy services how to profitably manage client’s travel needs according to his particular requirements.

Whether a client’s wish to lease an aircraft for a certain project or just having a charter flight arranged , we are able to manage it and offer a solution for all needs. Challenge us!

Who We Are

Airborne of Sweden is owned by a small group of investors from Scandinavia.

Our personnel have extensive experience and are favourably recognized by the international aviation specialists as well as Civil Aviation Administration of the Scandinavian countries.

Our versatile experience from different aviation businesses extends from operations with small aircrafts in remote areas to widebody airliners on major airports worldwide. This ensures our clients a professional view on any business solution in aviation.


The top-management of the company knows each other well from previous cooperation, all with long experience of Airline Management Positions which gives operational excellence to our experienced team.

Our Objectives

  • Safety
    by means of the quality system for providing safe and reliable flights:
    • routine, line, heavy maintenance;
    • planning;
    • risk analysis and identification;
    • testing;
    • training;
    • re-planning;
    • updating;
    • auditing.
  • On-time performance
  • Reliable and stable company
  • Flexibility and versatility of crews
  • High-level quality of services
  • Efficient cost and resource management
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Improvement of occupational skills and knowledge

Our Values

We are a new company but with an old tradition and history of excellence with experienced and dynamic staff who are well-educated, well-trained, well-skilled and customer-focused.

We set the highest standards and goals, constantly working to deliver the best quality services.

We comply with all of the laws and regulations related to our activity.

We respect the environment and communities where we operate.

Our privacy, confidentiality and discretion regarding our customers is undeniable.

Our Mission

Build and secure a strong position in the constantly changing aviation market.

Provide the highest quality services for our customers, high-return on investments for our shareholders, and the best possible work environment for our employees.

Provide our clients with a unique competitive advantage for us to be their first choice of aviation solutions.

Our Vision

Airborne of Sweden – leading charter flights and aircraft leasing company in Scandinavia and Europe.

Our Brand

Airborne of Sweden began in 1984 when it was known as Sundsvall Aero.

They started their operations at the airport of Sundsvall (ESNN/SDL) with some twin engine piston aircraft.

Later when the base was moved to the airport of Sveg Airborne introduced Piper Chieftain, Dornier 228 and Jetstream 31 beside the older Cessna 402 and 404. For a period Airborne also had a Cessna Citation in their fleet.


Airborne was later sold to Skyways Holding and together with two other airlines, Highland Air and Air Express formed the company Skyways Regional in 2000, later rebranded to Direktflyg 2002.


Direktflyg ceased all flight operations 2014.


Airborne of Sweden ressurected 2015 as a Charter and ACMI operator by two of the former employees of the original Airborne of Sweden, where they started working together back in 1998.


Our company name does not only breathe history of professionalism in aviation, it also ensure our clients that we lift their needs to another level and make them Airborne!

Charter your own Aircraft

Aircraft Leasing

Acmi Lease

Airborne offers lease which enables to operate without significant financial costs of purchasing aircraft(s). It provides a possibility for our clients to increase the capacity during peak traffic season whether opening new routes and usually takes for a period of one month to two years.

Wet Lease

Airborne provides:

  • The aircraft
  • One or more complete crews (i.e., flight crew, cabin crew, engineers)
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance (i.e., usually ‘hull’ and third-party liability)

Client is responsible for:

  • Fuel
  • Insurance (i.e., passengers, baggage, cargo, etc.)
  • Airport and route fees (i.e., navigation, landings, ground handling, parking, storage, etc.)
  • Crew expenses (i.e., accommodation, perdiems, transfers, etc.)
  • Flight numbers (i.e., Air Operator’s Certificate)

Client pays according to the number of ‘block hours’ that the aircraft was operated, but with a monthly minimum-guaranteed number of ‘block hours’.

There are two variations of ‘Wet Lease’:

Damp Lease

Airborne provides the aircraft with less than an entire crew but with a flight crew.

Moist Lease

Airborne provides the aircraft without a crew.

Dry Lease

Airborne provides:

  • The aircraft without insurance, crew, maintenance, etc.

Client is responsible for:

  • Air Operator’s Certificate and aircraft registration

Typically, minimum period of ‘Dry Lease’ is two years.


There are two variations of ‘Dry Lease’:

Finance / Capital Lease

Client has the right to purchase the aircraft at the expiration of the lease term for an agreed price and the aircraft is indicated as an asset on a client’s financial statements.

Operating Lease

This type of lease usually takes for a period of two to seven years, but the aircraft is not indicated as an asset on a client’s financial statements.

Hybrid Lease

The ‘Airborne Hybrid Lease’ combines elements of ‘ACMI’ / ‘Wet Lease’ and ‘Dry Lease’.

Thus, this type of lease is considered to be tailored to client needs, transparent and flexible.


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